Wind Chart Information For Flagpoles

When selecting a flagpole, it is important to consider the maximum wind speeds. (See the map below). American flagpole recommends flag sizes based on wind speed, pole height and the specific specifications per flagpole. Generally, the higher the expected wind speed, the smaller the flag size that should be flown. Contact us for recommended flag sizes to match wind speeds in your area.

A key element that cannot be overlooked in selecting the right flagpole is the maximum wind speed of the area the pole will be used. Safety, durability, and function of both the flag and flagpole are all affected by selecting the proper flagpole size for the average wind conditions of an area as well as the size of the selected flag. Typically, consumers can expect higher wind speeds in coastal regions, but should always check the information for their particular area.

General guideline

85 mph Pacific Ocean Region

90 mph Atlantic Ocean Region

105 mph bering straight 

110 mph Mexico

130 mph Guld of Alaska

140 mph Hawaii



Wind Chart


Based on 1997 NAAMM specifications, Guide Specifications to Metal Flagpoles, fourth edition.