Loyalty Premium 350 LUX Solar Panel with Zoom Feature Kit

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  • 3.7v mAH Ni-CD Batteries High capacity 
  • Illumination: 350 LUX Output
  • Lights: Cree LED Bulb Rated To Last 20 Years
  • 6v 3w Solar Panel 
  • Runtime:  8-10hr Of Illumination
  • Mount: Any Flagpole Up To 2” - 6”  Diameter 
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye
  • Complete Installation Instructions


This advanced COMMERCIAL SOLAR LED SPOT light system is loaded with features making this an essential, affordable lighting solution to adequately illuminate your flag.   It has an adjustable arm for the lighting head and adjustable powerful 6 volt solar panel.  This lighting solution will fit any size flagpole 2” - 6” in diameter.  This lighting solution can be mounted to any flat surface by simply removing the pole clamping  assembly. 




I have had this light for about 3 years now and it has done a great job; however, it is now time for a new battery. I can't find my original paperwork so I need help either contacting the manufacturer or a distributer that can hook me up with a new battery. The label on the battery says "Li-ion 18650 3600mAh 3.7V".

For anyone considering a flag pole light - I highly recommend this one.

very please.... works well

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