Fairybell Multi-Color Christmas Tree Light Kit with 900 LEDs for 20' Flagpole SALE!

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Buttress Diameter: 
10' Approximate Diameter at Base of Light
For Flagpole Size: 
20' (Flagpole Not Included)

SALE! Reg $298

Product description

The best of both worlds. Enjoy the atmosphere during dark winter days while taking care of the environment and your own wallet!

This LED Christmas tree has a height of 20ft, is equipped with 900 energy-efficient LED lights and is specially designed for your flagpole. Thanks to the innovative positioning of the lights and the impressive light effect, a beautiful Christmas tree is created around your flagpole. Do you prefer a colorful light effect? With the multi-color variant of Fairybell® you will steal the show, ensuring your family enjoys the coziest time of year!

Add some Fairybell® to this dark winter period and make your Christmas unforgettable!

The benefits in a nutshell
✔ 20ft version gives an impressive wow-effect
✔ 900 energy-efficient LED light, making it the ‘greenest’ model in its class and available in mulitple variants
✔ Easy and quick to set up without tools
✔ Weatherproof 31-volt transformer, so resistant to all weather conditions
✔ Includes pegs allowing you to safely secure the tree

Determine your own details
This 20ft variant comes in a warm white version and is equipped with the lowest number of LEDs. The 20ft variants of Fairybell® are equipped with: 7209001,200 and 2,000 LED lights. A higher number of LEDs ensures a higher light output per meter and a warmer lighting effect. At the same time, this also increases power consumption. This version therefore ensures the lowest power consumption in its class, so you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year without any worries!

Choose the Fairybell that best suits your needs and get into a Christmas mood!

The smart Fairybell® concept
Making it even easier for you! And that is why Fairybell® has put a lot of time and energy into creating the ultimate customer experience. User-friendliness, choice of material, design and durability come together in a unique patented Fairybell® system. Thanks to the clever design, you simply click the flagpole and the Fairybell LED Christmas tree together and soon you’ll enjoy a magical Christmas tree shape.

Made in Europe

Fairybell works exclusively with the finest European materials and is constantly looking for new ways to make products more durable, more stylish or more user-friendly. Craftsmanship and innovation are of paramount importance to us, because we always want to be ready for tomorrow’s world! Additionally, we find it extremely important to be able to guarantee our customers fast delivery times and short lines of communication.his 20ft Multi-Colored variant of Fairybell with 900 LEDs brings the Christmas spirit directly into your yard and creates the ultimate Christmas experience! Choose your favorite light version now!

SKU FANL-600-900-02-US
EAN 8718781474515
Height 20ft
Diameter 10ft
Number of LED's 900
Lightcolour LED Multi-Colored
Including mast No
Output 29V / 0.45A
Plug UL / IP44