Residential 2800 Lumens LED Spot Lighting Kit

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Flagpole Size: 
25'- 35'
Size / Style: 
2800 Lumens LED Spot Lighting Kit

(25' - 35' Flagpoles)


Lighting Fixture:


  • 2800 Lumens LED Directional Spot Light Fixture
  • 36 Degree Spot Optics


Ground Sleeve:
17" Heavy-Duty


Dusk to Dawn Photo Control


ONLY Cost $11/year and LED Bulb Will Last Almost 20 Years*
(*Cost/year based on 8 hours/day Usage*)

Light Kit Includes:


  • Directional LED Spot Light Fixture
  • 17" Heavy-Duty Black Ground Spike
  • 2800 Lumens LED Bulb
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye





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