What is the Importance of Flags and Banners?

Sep 24th, 2016

Vexillum is a Latin word for flag or banner. In ancient times, the first flags were either made from metal or from wooden poles that were carved, and were called vexilloids. In later times, a flag or banner was needed that could be carried and displayed to attract attention to the person or group that the particular flag represented. For that purpose, different types of fabrics were used that could be attached to wooden poles.


Metal flag


Flags and banners have been used for thousands of years and mean different things to different people. Even so, the main reason that flags and banners are displayed is that they represent entities, including a particular country, state, business, leader, community or organization. They are visual symbols used for identification. In addition to identification, individual flags are a symbol of pride and respect for the ideals that the particular flag stands for. For example, the United States flag is a symbol of liberty, strength and unity and is a source of pride and inspiration for American citizens.


Lighted Flag


In ancient history, banners were used to symbolize kings and others of high rank. The banners were carried so that citizens could identify their ruler and his entourage and give him the respect that was demanded during the times. In later times, flags and banners were designed and used by other leaders in the kingdoms


Ancient Banner


During the American Civil War, regiments were recruited from individual states. Each regiment generally carried its state flag into battle. The soldiers took pride in the flag and always treated it with reverence. It was a symbol used to reinforce morale, and, most importantly, to distinguish their regiment from others during battles. Flags also helped soldiers recognize allies and enemies on the field. The battle flag was given honor and respect because it represented an ideal that the soldier’s believed in. For example, their history, the sacrifices the people made for their state or country, and for the qualities that their state or country and its people stood for. That fact is still true today.


Today, every country is represented by flags made of fabric that can be raised on poles and flown to remind everyone of the history and values of the country. The same is true of states and governmental entities, and most organizations, groups, businesses and communities.


Fly your flag proudly! Remember that when your flag becomes tattered and worn and is no longer a good representation of what it stands for, retire it and replace it with a new flag.


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