Lubbock, Texas, City Flag History

Feb 3rd, 2017

Lubbock is located south of the Texas Panhandle in the northwestern part of Texas. The city was founded in 1876 and was incorporated in 1909. Lubbock adopted an official city flag in 1971.



The Women’s Club of Lubbock held a flag design contest in 1970. The winning entry was designed by the city planning department staff. It featured a red, white and blue field with the city seal in the center. The city no longer displays this flag, but it may still be the only official Lubbock city flag.


The Lubbock Convention and Visitors Bureau designed a city flag in 1996 that features a jukebox logo and the wording “Legendary Lubbock”. The Texas Legislature adopted the wording “Music Crossroads of Texas” for the city of Lubbock in 1999. That wording was added to the flag design, and the final design was displayed in 2000 by the mayor and Lubbock County students that participated in Local Government Week. It is unclear whether the city government officially adopted this flag design, but it is the one that is currently displayed.




In 2004, The American City Flag Survey was conducted by the North American Vexillological Association, NAVA. Lubbock’s city jukebox flag was ranked 144 out of the 150 flags included in the survey; the seventh worst rated city flag in the United States. It is unlikely that the 1971 flag design would have fared much better. Flag designs that featured city seals received low ratings in the survey.


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