Chad Flag History

Mar 19th, 2017


The country of Chad is located in north central Africa. Chad was under the rule of France until August 11, 1960, when it gained its independence. The country’s flag is described in its 1962 Constitution as a tricolor flag of blue, gold and red bands.



The flag is said to have been inspired by the French tricolor flag, and the colors by pan-Africa. In order to avoid confusion, Chad used vertical bands rather than horizontal, and changed two of the colors.


The three colors in the flag represent the following:


·         Blue: Agriculture, hope, sky, and waters (south)

·         Red: Progress, sacrifice, and unity 

·         Yellow: Sun and desert (north)


The northern part of Chad lies in the Sahara desert zone and is sparsely populated. The southern portion of Chad lies in Sudanian zone and has woodlands and lakes. The country itself is located in North Central Africa and is landlocked. The sea is over 900 miles away from its borders.


Chad’s national flag is the same as the official flag of Romania, except that the blue is darker in Chadian flag. The two flags are not related and the similarity was entirely accidental.


Romania’s flag originally featured the coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania. The coat of arms was removed in 1989. At that point, the flags of Romania and Chad became indistinguishable from each other. The media reported that Chad attempted to get Romania to change its flag, but the President of that country refused. Chad apparently believed that Romania had stolen its flag design on purpose.


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