Marine Corps Flags

Size / Style:3' x 5', 4' x 6' nylon

Nylon Marine flag

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Size / Style:3' x 5' double faced 2 ply-poly

2-ply polyester Marine flag

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We offer (2) types of Military Flags, High Quality Nylon & Double faced 2-ply Poly flags. All of our flags have the canvas header with 2 brass grommets and are strong for outdoor use.


The few. The proud. The Marines. The Marines Corps have a long history of exceptional service to the country. Honor that service by showcasing Marine Corps flags and accessories. Flagpoles Etc.’s Marine Corps flags and banners are available at competitive wholesale prices and proudly made in the USA.


The official flag of the U.S. Marine Corps is scarlet red and hosts their gray and gold emblem. The center of the flag is a globe which is focused on the Americas. There is also a large banner that spans across nearly the entire flag. The Marine Corps flag has gone through a series of different iterations. This final flag design was adopted in 1939.